Sunday, December 29, 2013

Just Another Typical Travel Day

It is Sunday, December 15th. I'm travelling on the weekend again, but I'm used to that. I miss the family already though. I've made it to Detroit thus far with no serious hassles outside the typical insane traffic in Toronto. But, after boarding my 8:25pm flight for Marquette, Michigan, our departure is delayed while the airplane is de-iced. I drift off to sleep in the middle of a Delta magazine crossword. This one is frustrating me anyway.

A bump and a roar jolt me awake. It is dark outside the window. I think, "Ah, we've landed, and I'm in Marquette. Excellent." But the plane appears to be building speed and I realize we're only taking off now. I look at my watch. We have been delayed 40 minutes. Well, at least we're going, as the pilot announces an outbound American Eagle flight is still stuck at the gate at our destination in Marquette.

While I was unconscious, the guy in the window seat next to me assumed a wide stance, most of my leg space and sole possession of the armrest. I formulate a strategy and go right for the leg-on-leg. It works and he backs off. He can keep the armrest, because I'm cold and cross my arms.