About Me

I'm Mike Orobona, a 40-something Dad, husband and geologist currently living in northern Minnesota. It's the fourth state or province in North America that I've lived in...twice.

<<<< That’s me with some clones...

...and here is our leader. >>>>

I have been travel blogging since late 2013. I started with grand dreams of fame and early retirement, and quickly settled for recording memories for posterity once I realized there are 10,000 other people with the same plan. Hopefully, I avoid excess narcissism and provide the reader a laugh or some useful information.

When people ask me "what does a geologist do?," I generally tell them I send a lot of e-mails and make phone calls. But I do like to look at the occasional rock. You can find out a little bit more on my LinkedIn profile.

The earth beneath my feet, never-before seen by human eyes, is a philosophical influence on this blog. Breaking open the most insignificant of rocks, and realizing I'm always the first to see what's inside, has opened my eyes to the universe of wonders that are possible to miss in the rush to experience something "bigger." Indeed, there is as much adventure or humor in the daily commute as in the great pyramids and the Grand Canyon, if only we look. It's those everyday destinations that provide the meat for this blog when dreams of the exotic must give way to life's obligations.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you add me to your blogroll, reader or bookmarks. You can find me on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Whatever you do – check out my sidebar for your favorite way to keep in touch.