Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pictures of the Moment - Greenland From 35,000 ft

Buzz Aldrin's first words on the Moon were "Beautiful view. Magnificent desolation." Perhaps a sublimity equal to the words of Neil Armstrong. The moon isn't as accessible for the rest of us mortals, but Aldrin's words came to mind when flying over southern Greenland from Germany last year (August 19, 2013). I've been blessed with some time in lonely places of the world, and these phrases are not an oxymoron. Even if we might not get down there, so many more people can enjoy a similarly "magnificent desolation" than the select few men who have walked on another world.

But if your window is always closed to the world, you won't see it flying past at 35,000 feet.

Nunataks in southern Greenland.


Mary {The World IS A Book} said...

Those are some great shots! If you didn't tell me it was Greenland, I would have guessed Siberia or Norway. Sadly, we flew over Greenland at night during our flight to Germany last year. What a great view from above.

Michael Orobona said...

Thank you Mary. I got lucky this time. Usually I seem to fly overseas during sleeping hours, and even if it's daylight, opening the window even a crack would awaken the entire cabin. Usually I sit in an aisle seat as well, so i had to lean over my poor son.