Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Picture of the Moment - These are a few of my favorite things...

Few things appeal to the likings of both men and women. The rare goods that do probably sell well.

I spotted this fine pair displayed at the Minerva Chocolaterie, on a cold summer's day in Bath, England on July 16, 2009. I'll take my nip and tucker in a C-cup, please. The premier attraction of the city is the well-preserved Roman-era baths, but this dark chocolate handful certainly stood out. It's proof that classical sculpture has at last returned from the Dark Ages to the the realistic aesthetics of antiquity.

I thought, "It's comfort food and a fair trade. The £ you spend become the pounds you put on your waistline." I spotted no adjacent confectionery babies, which explains why this wasn't a milk chocolate bosom.

I'm not sure the sign was required. This work of art is suitable for consuming tête-à-tête.

There was a fire in the shop in March of 2012 (allegedly related to the cooking equipment), and I think the venue went bust. Its Facebook page says "permanently closed." The original mold may have gone up in smoke, but these aren't the first chocolate body parts, and with 3D printers one can imagine what the future has in store.

Chocolate elbows.